Pisces the fishes is the topic of conversation today, and boy is it important to understand this constellation when reading scripture, as we will soon find out.

In Greek mythology, the two fish are symbolic of Aphrodite (Venus) and Eros who transformed into fish to escape the sea monster Typhon (Release the Kraken!), from which we get the word ‘typhoon.’ But we are taking a different approach today, a spiritual one in fact.

One thing that is very important is that in olden days Pisces was the sixth sign, unlike today in which it is considered to be the twelfth sign. The ancients were talking about a spiritual realm that was set apart from what we understand astrologically and counted from a spot which was a spiritual revolution that began with Virgo, the Virgin, not Aries which is considered to be the first sign today. We all start from the Virgin, just like Jesus did.

There are three Decans, which are 10 degrees each and make up the thirty degrees of Pisces, found in this and every sign of the Zodiac. But the three associated with Pisces are:

1. The Band, which holds the fish in bondage.
2. Andromeda, which is the chained woman.
3. Cepheus, The King, the father of Andromeda.

What you see in the above image are two fish. One fish is swimming out to the right and the other fish is swimming up to the top and both of them are held by a band. And once you understand how the signs were numbered in times long ago, you can begin to interpret much of what the biblical writers were trying to convey to you in a much deeper spiritual sense instead of looking at it from a literal perspective, which doesn’t do very much for us spiritually, because on the surface it’s just a fantastical story with very strange things going on the are repugnant to our common sense or should be.

For instance, we have now moved into the sign of Aquarius (the Sabbath), the seventh sign, and the first six signs now are dead and gone.

If you look at Pisces on the image above, the lower consciousness fights to pull down the higher but the higher which is looking to the North Pole Star continues to pull upward to God. The fish to the left and pointing up represents your higher aspirations. The other one is swimming around aimlessly, which is the lower. It’s an eternal struggle because both of them are struggling to get free yet both of them are tied together, which is a symbol of our dual nature, the higher and the lower, yin and yang, etc.

If you look down in the left corner of the above image you’ll see that the band is fastened to Cetus, the sea monster, the same “Big Fish” that swallowed up Jonah. That band is attached to Cetus and he holds tight those which are the fish, that which is wisdom, which is trying to break itself loose. Ultimately, you have to choose which fish you are to become. The lower or the higher; it’s up to you.

Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men.” In other words, I will make you fishers of people. I’ll give you the bait, you dangle it out and they’ll either take it or they won’t.

We may think we’re clever, that we’re not going to get hooked by the physical or material, but we’re going to continue to swim and we’re gonna swim in a lake that’s not being fed by any living water and eventually that lake is gonna dry up and we’re gonna die or we can take the bait and be fished out by the great Pisces or the great Waterman Aquarius.

Jesus was given the job to take on the role of a cosmic fisherman. His symbol was the fish. Everywhere he went there was that symbol of a fish, and you have to understand the symbolism of all of this taking place in the Age of Pisces. That is exactly why there is so much fish imagery in the Bible. The symbol of the fish that Jesus is attached to is really a portion of the Vesica Piscis, which comes from sacred geometry.

You’ve got to look at all of this astrologically and astronomically. You’ve got to look at the whole Bible in this context of mysticism, because if you look at say the story of Jesus walking up and telling the disciples that I will make you fishers of men and they all drop what they are doing and jump in without hesitation, that has to give you pause and has to force you to use your common sense to try to determine what the hidden symbolism is all about, otherwise we are just following along like the rest of the religious lemmings.

What that was simply saying is that no matter what you’re doing you have got to put everything that you own down and leave it and follow he who is going to lead you from within to be a fisherman in this great age which is the closing of Pisces and now the water flows down from Aquarius, a change in vibration for the better. You’ve got to be willing now to just turn around and follow him, the higher within you, and be a fisherman or fisherwoman to be politically correct.

He said cast your net to the right side and you’ll find fish, which is wisdom. And they caught 153 fish and I don’t have to tell you that when you add up those numbers you get the number 9, which is consciousness in mysticism. And then, of course, he fed the loaves and the fishes, which is the Virgo-Pisces dispensation. When you feed the loaves means virgin consciousness, because if you look at the Virgin she has the shaft of wheat in her hand. That means when you consume that which is virgin consciousness and you will let your mind enter into the center, into the present, into the now and lift yourself above all thoughts, you are consuming the bread, and when you consume the bread and you are virgin consciousness, then you will be filled with the wine of the spirit.

When he fed the bread and wine to four thousand people there was seven leftover, which means there is a divine intervention into the fourfold nature: physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional. The second time there were twelve baskets left over when he fed the five thousand, which means perfection comes into your life when the five senses are totally immersed into that which is the bread of the virgin consciousness and the wine of the new life of the higher mind. That’s it, that’s what it means, and to truly benefit from this story you have to take the leap of stepping away from a literal perspective to begin to grasp the spiritual components that can truly benefit you here and now, or you can choose to remain with the herd that is outside of the mystery. Jesus said, “To all those that are without, everything is done in parable. Because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not.”

Christians have prayed and are still praying for Jesus to return. You look at the signs around churches everywhere and you see “Jesus is coming soon! Are you ready?” Well, here He comes and they don’t even know it is Uranus coming back to claim Gaia. Uranus has arrived because we have moved into the great Age of Aquarius now and people are looking for a white guy in a robe, and if he didn’t look like that He would be mocked and ridiculed all over again by the Christian mob. They’ll never be satisfied and neither will the church be until they get what they want, which will never come the way that they think it will because they don’t understand what the Bible is really saying from a spiritual perspective. They are lost in tradition, and people like us have to keep doing what we are doing to help those that have enslaved minds awaken to the truth that what they are looking for already is and has always been inside them.

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is symbolic of the status-quo, the money-changers in the temple that are being driven out by Jesus, or Uranus forcing out Jupiter, which is happening now. The symbolic beginning of Heaven on Earth. The Greek word for Heaven is “Ouranos,” which is where we get the name of the planet Uranus. Heaven or Uranus on Earth is happening now astrologically and astronomically.

What happens during this time is that you start seeing things differently. All of a sudden, things start happening differently, not only up there, but within you. You are going to start feeling differently, you’re going to start seeing things differently, you’re going to start to understand things differently. All of a sudden, the things that you used to feel we’re so important aren’t going to be so important anymore. The things that you used to say like ‘I’ve got to do this,’ you’re gonna say, ‘I’m not gonna do that anymore.’

The alignment of the planets plays a major role in how you feel. They influence the tides on our planet, don’t they? You are around 80% seawater, so you better believe they have an influence on you. As without, so within; as above, so below.

Psalm 107:14 (KJV)

14 He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and brake their bands in sunder.

That’s referring to the constellation called “Bands,” which controls those two fish of Pisces.

Now let’s go to Decan number two, which is Andromeda, the chained woman. One thing that is unusual about Andromeda is the number of stars, which total 63, which when added together equal 9 or consciousness. There’s a reason that there’s 63 because that chained woman is the human spirit. The woman is always the spirit when in reference to the higher nature. It’s the human spirit that’s in bondage and it goes right along with the Pisces and the fish that are chained and banded to the sea monster, Cetus.

There is a bright star in the head of Andromeda called Alpheratz, which means “broken down.” Your spirit is broken.


Isaiah 52-2 (KJV)

2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.

That means come out of that which is your lower mind and sit down, it means stop, cease, meditate. “O Jerusalem” means your consciousness. “Loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, o captive daughter of Zion.”

Take a look at the image of Andromeda and remember the symbology of the meaning of the stars. The bands of the captive, broken-down daughter need to be loosed.

Jeremiah 14-17 (KJV)
17 Therefore thou shalt say this word unto them; Let mine eyes run down with tears night and day, and let them not cease: for the virgin daughter of my people is broken with a great breach, with a very grievous blow.

The star in her head, Alpheratz, broken down. “The virgin daughter of my people is broken with a great breach, with a very grievous blow.”

The star in the left foot of Andromeda is called Almach, which in mythology, is symbolic of being bound or in bondage.

And finally, let’s look at the third Decan, which is Cepheus, the King, the father of Andromeda. This is the kingdom within you, symbolic of power. The meaning of the name can be found from research into the word “Cephe,” which means “battlefront” or “front line.” The strength of the King within you coming to set you free.

In Pisces, there is the struggle of the fish to break away from that lower sea monster and that simply means the struggle of your personality and being able to break away from that which holds you in the lower mind, it’s the spirit bound in bondage, that of Andromeda and the King, that which is the higher mind, the throne of the Christ within, who comes to break the bonds, to break the chains to set your spirit free.

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