How did YHVH become Jehovah? Decoding the name of the Old Testament God.

This one is interesting because it’s something that so few of us have researched to find out what is actually means and where it came from.

God has been associated with being male for so long that many of us stopped asking why, and that’s a problem. We should always be searching for the truth of who we are and why we are here. If not, what’s the point of everything? Do we just become complacent and accepting of our lot in life and choose not to rock the boat? Nay, I say! Rock that boat until it turns over!

Numbers 23:19
19 God is not a man

YHVH comes from a Tetragrammaton or the Hebrew name of God transliterated in four letters as YHVH, YHWH or JHVH and articulated as Yahweh or Jehovah.

To discover what the letters mean, we need to separate them into the first two and the latter two.

“YH” comes from the Hebrew “Yod-Hey.” “Yod” is feminine in nature and is represented by the image of a closed hand and means “finished work.” “Hey” is represented by the image of a window and means “behold or reveal.”

“VH” comes from the Hebrew “Vav-Hey.” “Vav” is masculine in nature and is represented by the image of a peg or hook and means “bound together.” And, once again “Hey” is represented by the image of a window and means “behold or reveal.”

Symbolically, YHVH is a creative process. In Hebrew, each letter has a meaning and a numeric association as well.

‘Y’ means – life, livingness, life force..
‘H’ means – Idea/Image…’word-concept’ newly realized, real.
‘V’ means – To Unify or to make One.
‘H’ means – Idea/image…’word-concept’ newly realized, real.

The word “YHVH” shows the divine process of creation. I.E. The One “Life-Force” of divinity has an ‘idea.’ And so, “unifies” with that idea within. So “Idea-Image” objectively comes about, is realized.

The following text is from the Secret Book of John, a gnostic text that was part of the Nag Hammadi find in Egypt in 1945 and gives us another view on who Yahweh is.

“Yaldabaoth raped Eve.
She bore two sons.

Elohim was the name of the first.
Yahweh was the name of the second.
Elohim has a bear’s face.
Yahweh has a cat’s face.
One is righteous;
One is not.
Yahweh is righteous;
Elohim is not.
Yahweh would command fire and wind
Elohim would command water and earth.]

Yaldabaoth deceptively named the two: Cain and Abel.”

It’s all just symbolic writing.

There never was a Yahweh (YHWH) or Jehovah (JHVH). The words came from the difference of languages (Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English), different alphabets and letters and the resulting translations.

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