What’s your name?

My greatest journey began when I came to realize that I am greater than the universe and everything in it. Who is man or woman that the Source of all is mindful of him or her? Well, the universe was spoken into being, mere “words.” But we were formed by the One. Carefully knitted and pieced together for a path unique to each of us. We are the far greater treasure to the One. This changed my Christian thoughts of, “I am dark and ugly but God sees me as beautiful, ” trying to follow a set of rules or doctrines, to knowing that I am a beautiful piece of work, and I must take care of it, me.

Do you know what it is to have a name? My given name is Matt. It means nothing but a way of referring to me. Many people who I went to church with believe that I am bitter against the church because of my gnostic interpretation of scripture, which is their excuse to reject anything that I say. My name to them is bitter. That is how they see me and judge my every word and deed. My bosses see me as a man of integrity as I have sought to be efficient and proficient for all of the years I have worked with them. That is my name to them. What is my name to the One who made me? This name is all that matters. This name comes from the Truth of my being. It comes from my words and deeds as I interact with people and the world, but most importantly the intent of my choices. This is what the One knows about each of us.

A name is our identity. Many people truly are bitter at this or that and their actions reflect this. Their true name is bitter. Many are honorable and noble and they get overlooked by the world. It doesn’t matter. It is the world’s loss. Their true name is nobility and honor, and as such, they will be honored before all. I seek to make my name the same as the One that made me each and every day. The One is Love, Virtue, Honor, and Integrity. As I reflect the One, I am one with It. My name is the One’s name. We are one so long as I hold to my honor and integrity. This comes from humble questioning and paying attention to detail. It is not a strenuous thing. I have fallen in love with Truth because Truth allows me to see clearly to make the right choices, despite the thoughts and memories that would cause me to make the wrong choices. Wrong choices hurt this beautiful work that I am. The right choices magnify the work and takes good care of the name that I hold dear.

My path is to the name above all names. Love, kindness, Virtue, Mercy. This is found by questioning, seeking to know Truth. In this, I am forever one with the One, as It intended from the beginning for all of humankind.

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