The quest for the truth


Yesterday was Sunday and, as usual, it got me diving deep within myself to try and figure out why we believe what we believe, and how do we evolve from getting stuck in religion to a higher realm of understanding?

Sunday, the day of the sun, the day we try to set aside to listen to spiritual leaders and to contemplate about spirituality and truth. When listening to your spiritual leaders, you may want to ask yourself what is really being said and how does it tie in with your soul, which is an eternal soul that does not die and goes on until the original creator wishes to bring it back within the original source, or however you want to identify with it.

The question always remains whether reading the Bible or any spiritual or religious narrative ever written from a literal perspective profits you anything, whether one day ago or two thousand years ago; and that is why it so difficult for a reasonably educated person to understand what is being said unless it was intentionally written in a confusing manner to hide something. Why isn’t it written in such a manner and easily expressed in such a manner, that the youngest to the eldest knows exactly what it is saying and it makes perfect sense to the mind and the soul? Also, it should follow the basic knowledge that we are all created from the same source, we all should love unconditionally and should give and receive free will.

If you can’t tell them the absolute truth by dazzling them with brilliance, then befuddle them with a literal interpretation of mythology and see if that works, as early church father Origen said: “The Scriptures were of little use to those who understood them literally, as they are written.” Higgins Anacalypsis II, Page 270. Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, likewise had this to say: It will sometimes be necessary to use falsehood for the benefit of those who need such a mode of treatment.” (Chp. 31, Book 12 of Prae Paratio Evangelica). And I personally refuse to let them befuddle me or you any longer. The Bible is bursting with allegory and I cannot see it in any other manner. A huge part of society, the majority, in fact, are not educated enough nor have the time or willingness to read between the lines, and it was written with that in mind and meant to be misleading.

Make it troublesome enough that the commoner can’t understand and stand in front of them and tell them how smart you are, how devoted you are, and that they should simply listen to you because you know better, and they should have faith, no matter what you tell them; especially if it was supposed to be inspired by some divine being.

It is time for the common person to wake up and see through the smoke and mirrors, and stop listening to the learned “idiot”. We commoners have been put into positions of labor dedicated to keeping our minds occupied and our coffers empty; because if you don’t have the time to invest in really learning the truth you can tell us nonsense and we don’t have time to look into it. We will simply go to the community religious service and let someone who is supposed to be our learned one, tell us what to believe. It is time to expose this madness as what it is, and what it is, needs to be figured out, and to do that it must meet the test of your own intuition that is already inside you, because you know in your soul what resonates with you and if there is a question you should pursue it. Too much does not make sense upon presentation and should be questioned until it does, no matter how the person presenting it is dressed, nor how devoted the person is to the narrative being presented, nor how convincing. It is either the truth beyond a shadow of a doubt or it isn’t; forget about faith, just give me the truth; and that truth needs to make sense, not only after years of indoctrination, but right now, and not just to my mind but to my soul; because your mind can be tricked very easily with pretty words and a heartwarming song, but is it true to the soul? Remember that the frequency of love is just that, a frequency, and can be used to manipulate your mind and emotions but should be tested to the core of your soul to find the truth. Let your soul decide for you because it really does know because it is a part of the original source.

We are indeed eternal beings, and as such need to get back on the path of evolving spiritually so we can take the next steps into eternity, not a contrived “Heaven” or “Hell”. And, if you don’t know what that means you need to ask your spiritual leader because it should be important to you. So, just going to Sunday School and listening to some learned person is not your only responsibility; you are evolving spiritually and you need to find out how if you do not know already or are not sure what that means.

The old reference narratives like the Vedas, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures/Library, and others should be studied and the truth found out so we souls can get back on the track of evolving spiritually, not fighting wars and being spellbound by political intrigue.

If your spiritual leader/advisor has never heard nor studied any of these references, which are indeed outside the Bible then you may want to look for another spiritual advisor. I am just thinking that if your teacher has not learned from many different sources then how does that teacher know enough to teach you?

Any business person, for instance, cannot sell their products without full knowledge of their purpose and attributes to include the good, the bad and the ugly or harmful if used incorrectly. Why should a spiritual guide be able to tell you what your soul is like if they don’t know themselves? They should be able to reach you at a soul level and tell you the real truth that is expressed in a manner where faith isn’t needed, nor, huge amounts of convincing; it just makes sense. No smoke and mirrors; just make sense to the soul.

The bottom line is that if something is important enough to you, you will find time to dedicate to it. Perhaps you should stop and consider what your expectations are for life. Maybe you will decide that the search for spiritual truth is worth the effort. Maybe you’ll decide that making a life in the material sense is more important. But you should understand that no one is responsible for you except for you. It’s not up to your spiritual leader to give you all the answers or carry you to the destination on their back. It’s up to them to guide you on your own journey. You still have to do your own footwork.

It is just a pity that the masses do not do their own research and allow an authority to take its place. All of this deception links back to the fact that humans like to be told what is convenient due to their natural bias to listen to what feels good to them and not do the bitter and hard path of finding the truth, empirically, on their own. Without this crucial process, the truth will not be made manifest because the truth is something that needs to be experienced personally and not anecdotally, as it is the only way in which it will actually have an effect on the individual. Let us not forget what Jordan Maxwell said also: “people do not get deceived by propaganda, the propaganda simply helps them deceive themselves.” People allow their lives to run into patterns that are convenient but ultimately prove to be false and unfulfilling and thus thousands have attended to lifestyles that harm nature and themselves for the sake of some mirage called in the western civilization “success.” It is pure insanity, but, as again, Jordan Maxwell said: “it is highly dangerous to know the truth, especially when your job depends on you not knowing it,” and aren’t a lot of people caught in this paradigm?

We go back to the fact that it takes an enormous effort for individuals to spiritually evolve, but it is the only way to the truth, which in turn evolves into the peace of mind.

Wake yourself up first to truly begin to live out your purpose here and now. If you lead the way with truth as your guidepost, others will follow. Let’s see what kind of people we become when we follow the truth.

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