The Divine Analogy (Part 3 of the Analogy Series)

I'm not exactly sure what people were smoking (smocking if you're Trump) or what kind of magical shrooms people were eating to hallucinate these bizarre mystical texts back in the day, but tripping in a major way they were. Just read these esoteric interpretations of Noah's Ark, Exodus or any one of these unbelievable tales … Continue reading The Divine Analogy (Part 3 of the Analogy Series)

Misunderstood Allah

"He is not godless who scorns the god of the multitude. He is godless who accepts the opinions of the multitude concerning their God." ¬†Epicurus - Greek philosopher and author of an ethical philosophy of simple pleasure, friendship, and retirement. He founded schools of philosophy that survived directly from the 4th century BCE until the … Continue reading Misunderstood Allah